Where will everything take place?

The Manulife Dragon Boat Festival takes place on Lake Banook in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

What should I bring?
As a participant you should bring clothes for various conditions (warm weather, cold weather, and rain). You should have clothing that does not restrict your movement for racing. You may also want to bring a change of clothes, as you may get wet. This is especially important in cold weather. Also, don't forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, and extra sneakers/sandals. Aside from clothing, you should bring energy and enthusiasm for a fun-filled day!


There is parking available in the area surrounding Lake Banook; however the amount of spaces available are limited. Please note that HRM has ticketed illegally parked cars in the past.



Will there be food and refreshments available on-site?
There will be plenty of food and refreshments for sale on-site during the Festival.


When do we race?
The race schedule will be available approximately two weeks prior to the Festival. On the schedule will be the times for your team's first two races as well as the times for the final heats.

How long is the racing distance?
Races are 200 metres long.

How does my team make a final?
A team's combined time in their first two races determines whether your team gets into a final.  The top 30 teams qualify for finals with the best 5 teams qualifying for the 'A Final'.  Determining the final 30 teams as well as their schedule will be done during the lunch break, with the races being posted during lunch.

Can we have the same coach for all races/practices?
Unfortunately due to the logistics of having 70+ teams entered and 6 teams racing at one time we cannot guarantee teams the same coach for all races. We will ensure that all coaches are equally trained and follow the same routine for training and racing. For consistency we would ask the captains to keep a log of previous training, the procedures used and the commands preferred. This should be communicated to your coach prior to each race.

Where can my team "hang-out"? Can we bring a tent or shelter?
There will be three "teaming" areas allocated at the Festival site. A teaming area is an area that teams can "set-up camp" for the day so to speak.

To book a spot along the water on the grass the criteria is first come first serve under the condition that registration fees have been paid in full and the minimum pledge amount per person ($75) was raised the prior year.

Reserved spaces will be held until 9 am on the day of the Festival. You do not need to reserve for the two alternate team areas (located at the foot of Lake Banook and at the judge's tower, beside Banook Canoe Club) as they will be available on a first come first serve basis on the day of the festival. However, we ask that the team captain reports to the Team Services tent at the beginning of the day to let us know where you are set up. Teams are encouraged to form a team "hang-out" area by putting up a shelter in which they may place their belongings or be protected from the sun or rain. Please note that tents or shelters in the "main" teaming area cannot be larger than 10 ft x 10 ft.

Can we display our company banner?
Teams will be permitted to display commercial banners in the teaming areas (see above question for teaming area locations). In order to maximize the benefits of our Official Event Sponsors, the display of team banners is strictly limited to these teaming areas.

Where is the best view of the races?
The best view of the races can be obtained from the area along the boardwalk on Prince Albert Road.

What if the weather is poor?
The Festival (and practice sessions) will take place rain or shine.

Are there prizes or awards?
Medals will be awarded to the top three teams. As well, there are a host of wonderful fundraising prizes.



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